1. Welcome! (audio-video)

    2. Gratitude Attitude

    3. What does gratitude mean to you?

    4. Gratitude Explained

    5. Definitions Gratitude Attitude

    6. Gratitude Response

    7. I Am grateful for... vs Thank you for...

    8. The 4 steps

    1. Step 1

    2. Week 1 list looks like

    3. Step 1 Reminder

    4. The Why(s) of Step 1 (audio)

    1. Step 2

    2. Week 2 list looks like

    3. Step 2 Reminder

    4. The Why(s) of Step 2 (audio)

    1. Step 3

    2. Week 3 list looks like

    3. Step 3 Reminder

    4. The Why(s) of Step 3 (audio)

    1. Step 4

    2. Week 4 list looks like

    3. Troubleshooting :)

    4. The What and Why

About this course

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Step away from your ego-based thoughts one effortless step at a time. ** Be more positive. ** Stop following the negative train of thoughts by default. ** Improve your mental health. ** Improve your well-being. ** Reprogram your subconscious mind the way you want. ** Find positivity with more ease. ** And do it all with few minutes a day effortlessly.


- A.S.

This course made me realize that the practice of gratitude is not that difficult to follow, especially when you can start with tangible things. Thank you. I thank Dr. Nathalie Turgeon for this course. ***** Valuable information. Clear explanations. Engaging delivery. Helpful practice activities. Accurate course description. Knowledgeable instructor.


- M.H.

Your easy quick exercises helped me when I thought I had nothing to live for. I tried to commit suicide, but when I was sinking, I thought about (…), and I thought about you told me that gratitude is the key. I took those 2 minutes to think about it and I swimmed back that river at 4am because I was not ready to leave. I got out, called the cops, went to the hospital, got help (…). I went back to life because I was grateful to have a mom, I was grateful I felt love at the last moment, grateful for my accomplishments, grateful to have you at that time and grateful to know it was not the time to go. (…) Thank you for helping me to get up.