On day 1, we look more clearly and consciously at everything that surrounds 'planning your life better' to stop moving forward by default without talking about a schedule.

On day 2, we look at the limitations that can protect us as much as harm us depending on what they are, and how they are used.

On day 3, we talk about self-awareness, our abilities, and skills, so we look at beliefs that are both limiting and expansive, and why change our ego-personality.

On day 4, we look at perspectives or perceptions and we talk about ego-illusion and ego-reality.

On day 5, we talk about energetic frequencies and why it is important to understand them better to optimize our daily life, and also how to quickly raise your energy frequency with a very simple practice.

It’s time to take the time… to take the time!



Did you know that the version of your Future Self has the energy and the steps to follow to get there?

Did you know that every day, what we do and don't do allows us to embody or not that person who can live the dreams you have deep within?

First, invest 30 minutes watching a video to look back into your future and see your future self in its present moment. 

Every day we have successes. It doesn't matter if a success is getting up in the morning or building a 15-story building, every action is a success. The value of a success or an action or the size of what we see, has value only for the ego.

Do you have a dream and you don't know how to make it come true or what actions will take you there? Do you clearly see the limitations to getting there?

Do you have a project and you think you have failed when you might had only followed one way of doing, and you no longer know what to do or even if the project is viable as if its life cycle or achievement was finished?

You will love this 5-day challenge which will either give you answers or make you think and open yourself to more inspirations.

Invest a few minutes a day with mindfulness to not let the dream be just a dream.

It's time to stop the ego-sabotage.

5-DAY challenge Available February 2024

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    1. Let's be conscious about the subconscious.

    1. Take the time to know what potential you can move towards...

    1. Let's talk clarity

    1. Let's talk limitations

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