Dr. Nathalie began to fully embody her life mission when she decided to self-publish her first workbook in 2016. With no professional writing experience nor editor, she only knew that she had to start embodying her life mission in a different way. She always knew that writing was her passion, and over many decades since her first poems as a teenager, the many ideas for topics following her age and her overflowing imagination remained in her imagination or incomplete in her computer.
It is when she clearly understood her personal life mission that she jumped without a net, or rather with only a divine net as her only net in order to embody it by aligning herself with it, and this, despite a more or less clear action plan, and she started to fully assume her passion and her pleasure to be an author of personal development and spiritual awakening books. It is thanks to this first self-publication that the doors bringing her closer and closer to her goal of creating an online spiritual well-being school continue to open.
Through gratitude and through her personal trials and personal life lessons which allowed her to become an expert in the art of remaining herself and of expressing her pleasure and her unconditional Love, she learned to develop an unconditional Gratitude Attitude. It is this teaching method that she created with her Inner Self, which she received like a download when it was time to prepare the content of a workshop that she started sharing how she had achieved this unconditional Gratitude Attitude. She then brought it into an asynchronous online training and also as a book form simply titled: How to Develop an Gratitude Attitude. She also made it the topic of her dissertation for her doctorate in philosophy, specializing in metaphysical counselling entitled: Gratitude as a Spiritual Mind Treatment for Mental Health.
While many get a degree and start working into their new career choice, she has already been enjoying metaphysics for more than twenty years before earning her Ph.D in 2021. Through her parallel career path as a Global Health Therapist while keeping one foot in the business office world, the one link she followed was the energy field one; from her working experience as a Naturopath combined to a Massage therapist practice, which inspired her to learn and become a Reiki Master while enjoying mystic fun practices like numerology and card readings and geomancy, it is once she became a Reiki Master that things started to unfold with a faster speed connecting all the dots, hence the importance of following inspirations even when we do not yet see the interconnection.
Her unconditional Gratitude Attitude would have not been possible without a personal Inner connection through lots of meditation and Inner work over many decades. While she was not teaching meditation per se, Dr. Nathalie did her master’s thesis on meditation: “Reaching the summit of consciousness through meditation like Great Masters and prophets did.” She also self-published a Oneness affirmations book title “Self-realization Food for thoughts"; 21 verses of powerful Oneness affirmations co-written with her Self that she was inspired to share
Because she likes to learn and simplify things so that the ego does not interfere too much when learning different concepts or when the time comes to demystify the ego, and because one of her dreams is to allow everyone to have access to spiritual or metaphysical development and personal development information regardless of their budget and preferred method, she follows her inspirations by creating content to help people on their mindfulness journey by helping them from awareness to awakening, to then move from their awakening to reality allowing them to continue from an attitude of gratitude to Unity, to this interconnectivity and harmony with the Universe and the primary Source of the Universe.
Her teachings make it possible to understand that it is all a matter of understanding your ego so that you can lift up the ego veils, see with your Soul to choose your ego-identity aligned with your desires, and have an unconditional gratitude attitude.
While she is having fun creating content for the online courses and the books and workbooks for her personal development and spiritual well-being series, she continues to learn by being herself on the front line in what she teaches. Her integrity comes from teaching only what she has learned to master herself in order to create a real personal and collective impact.
We can already find some online tools and courses on her online center until the academy is ready to welcome its first online students. The academy will consist of about fifty modules spread over three levels and the students will be able to follow at their own pace. Dr. Nathalie will also offer free monthly live Q&A via Zoom for the online center students.
Her blog Breathe In Love Out and the online center Breathe In Love Out Center come from the importance of Breathing In, letting go of the ego-based thoughts and vision, to see from your Soul and to Love Out.