One of the first steps towards living in harmony with oneself is to learn what is false and what is True, what comes from the ego and what comes from the inner Self or the Soul.

31 days of mindfulness affirmations

Know your Self, change your mindset, change your story.

It's not always easy to control our mental space.

But when we know how to tell the difference between what comes from our ego and what comes from our soul or our inner Self, we can more quickly regain control of our thoughts and our well-being.

  • Do you have a mental space overflow?
  • Do you mostly see the negative scenario before the positive possibility?
  • Do you tend to imagine this negative scenario in its smallest details?
  • Do you have a desire if not a need to believe in yourself a little more?
  • Do your negative beliefs about yourself sometimes or often take up too much mental space?
  • Did you know that your inner Self is pure positivity, and your ego may be in the way or a little too much in control when it should be your ally in the passenger seat?

I created this program to help you better understand your mental space.

Every day you are brought into awareness of what you are automatically feeding.

Personally I had to learn to control my mental space and I understood that my ego is always in survival mode, so it was up to me to take control of my thoughts and the ones I was feeding, but also to learn to listen to the message that a negative thought can bring.

It is by understanding what comes from my ego and what comes from my soul, my inner Self that I regained control of my mental space but also that I regained confidence in myself to follow my dreams knowing that I can make them happen.

What helped me the most was understanding my ego and its role.

I strongly encourage you to do this 31 days of mindfulness with 31 affirmations, one per day, to gently, without triggering your ego-based mind control, better connect with your magnificent and powerful inner Self, or even better reconnect to a new level of mindfulness. We always start from point A which is today, your present moment.

It is simple and only takes a few minutes a day.

I take you from your point A to your point B, one day at a time.

One affirmation and three questions per day

    1. Why 31 days of affirmations for your mindfulness journey?

    1. Day 1 affirmation and mindful moment

    1. Day 2 affirmation and mindful moment

    1. Day 3 affirmation and mindful moment

About this course

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  • 35 lessons

Take back control of your mental space.

Step away from your ego-based mind control and believe in your magnificent Inner day at a time.


““Nathalie, I wanted to tell you that I really appreciated my approach with the Morning Glories. My diligence has led me to journey and make beautiful discoveries about myself, about life and more. I wrote a page each day of this month and it helped me to go further in my thinking. It was a very beneficial contribution and I am happy to have done it. Thanks very much ! ””