31 affirmations

31 days of mindfulness

Every day you will find a new affirmation and a few questions helping your mindfulness journey, and helping you to better reprogram your personal database, your subconscious.

Do you have a desire if not a need to believe in yourself a little more?

Do your negative beliefs about yourself sometimes or often take up too much mental space?

Did you know that your Inner self is pure positivity, and your ego may be in the way or a little too much in control when it should be your ally in the passenger seat?

I invite you to do 31 days of mindfulness with 31 affirmations, one per day, to smoothly, without triggering the control of your ego, better connect with your magnificent and powerful Inner Self, or even better reconnect to a new level. We always start from point A, which is today, your present moment.


    1. Why 31 days of affirmations for your mindfulness journey?

    1. Day 2 affirmation and mindful moment

    1. Day 3 affirmation and mindful moment

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One day at a time for 31 days...

Step away from your ego-based mind and believe in your beautiful power.